DB 4x8 Processor

DB 4x8 Processor

DB Series audio processors were integrated into the other products because they stand out in superior audio quality, in addition to the ease and integration that the product offers to the user.

  • General characteristicsSuperior audio quality, highlighting the equipment as one of the best processors on the market;High performance converters;
  • The audio processors offer an excellent combination of processing power, user-friendly control interfaces, and multiple connectivity;
  • Sample Frequency 192Khz, A/D and D/a converter of 24 bits and DSP processor of 32 bits.
  • It comes with management software;Connections with the computer by front USB port and by RS485 (RJ45);
  • 30 user program memory locations;
  • 6 parametric equalizers for each input / output, ranging from -20 to 20dB per band;
  • The characteristics of each channel are fully configurable according to the user's needs;
  • Gain outputs and adjustable limiters
Technical Specifications


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